Pauri Trek
Air : Nearest airport is Jolly Grant, 155 km, via Rishikesh-Srinagar.
Rail : Nearest railway station is at Kotdwar, 108 km.
Road : Pauri is well connected to Dehradun, Rishikesh, Kotdwar and other cities of the region.
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Info Centre
Regional Tourist Office, Pauri. Tel.:222241.
Pauri Trek

Pauri is a divisional headquarter town, of great beauty, and has a tourist bungalow to stay in. The views from this quiet Himalayan town are captivating.

Route One
Pauri (5,500 ft)-Thailisain (5,000 ft, 90 km)-Biyasi (4 km)-Marora (3,500 ft, 4 km) Ladaligad (3,500 ft, 4 km)-Kamtinagar (6000 ft, 3 km)-Phulbari(9,500 ft, 5 km) -Kodyabazar (10,000 ft, 4 km)-Masaka Kotha (10,000 ft, 2 km)-Patharkhani (8,000 ft, 10 km)-Bharari Sain (7,000 ft, 6 km)-Diwalikhal (7,000 ft)-Gairsain (5,500 ft, 11 km). The trek begins at Biyasi, and it is important to carry alpine tents, as the only accommodation likely is a few shepherd huts, that too at limited stops. From Kamtinagar to Phulbari entails a steep climb. From Diwalikhal one can get a bus to either Gairsain or Karanprayag.

Route Two
Tehri (600 m)-Ghansali (1,400 m, 31 km)-Guttu (1,524 m, 31 km)-Reeh (2,154 m, 10 km)-Gangi (2,591 m, 10 km)-Kalyani (2,683 m, 6 km)-Birock (2,744 m, 5 km)- Kharsoli (2,896 m, 5 km)-Bhelbagi (3,110 m, 4 km)-Khatling Glacier (3,658 m, 6 km). This is the popular Khatling Glacier trek with options on routes. At Ghansali, which has hotels and a forest rest house, the road bifurcates for Guttu-Budhakedar-Kedarnath. The trek begins at Guttu, which has a PWD inspection house, and from here the road bifurcates for Panwali Kantha. Camping is recommended all the way from Reeh to Khatling, except at the last village enroute, Gangi, where a school building can provide accommodation. From Kalyani, a road bifurcates for Sahastratal, 16 km. Tourist bungalows have been proposed at Guttu, Reeh, Gangi and Bhelbagi. Khatling Glacier is the source of the river Bhilangana.
Optional route one:
The trek beyond Khatling Glacier towards Kedarnath is captivating, and there are a number of very beautiful lakes that fall in this area. This is a difficult trek and all arrangements for it must be made in advance. Guides are essential and can be hired at Guttu. On occasion, trekkers will be walking heights of well above 5,200 m. The route is as follows: Khatling Glacier (3,658)-Chokital (3,658 m, 1.5 km)-Dudh Ganga Gufa (3,658 m, 3km)-Masuri Tal (4,572 m, 10 km)-Paijan Tal / Teen Tal / Punya Tal (5,629 m, 7 km)-Basukital (4,328 m, 6 km)-Kedarnath (3,581 m, 8 km). At Kedarnath there are guest houses, dharamshalas and a tourist bungalow.
Optional route two :
Khatling Glacier (3,658 m)-Ratgarhyan / Ruddugera South (3,962 m, 7 km) -Ruddugera Pass (5,639 m, 13 km)-Ruddugera North (3,658 m, 13 km)-Gangotri (3,048 m, 20 km). This trek requires mountaineering skills and adequate advance arrangements. Ruddugera Pass is snow bound. Camps can be set up at convenient places enroute. At Gangotri, stay in a tourist bungalow, forest rest house or PWD inspection house. From Gangotri, buses are available for Uttarkashi and on to Rishikesh.

Route Three
Tehri (600 m)-Chirbatia (2,134 m, 55 km)-Bishnoi Hill (2,896 m, 20 km)-Panwali Kantha (3,048 m, 20 km)-Badhani Tal (2,743 m, 20 km)-Mankha Khal (2,995 m, 8 km)-Phata (1,829 m, 10 km). Chirbatia, the start of the trek, has a forest rest house. For all other points on the route one will have to depend on shepherds' huts, and on one's own tents. There is a PWD inspection house at Phata, which is a big village. From Phata one can take a bus for Gaurikund and visit Kedarnath, or take a bus to Rishikesh.
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