Air : The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, 24 km from Dehradun.
Rail : It is connected among other places, to Amritsar, Howrah, Bombay, Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi and other major cities.4309/4310 Ujjain-Dehradun 2019/2020 Bombay-Dehradun. 4041/4042 Delhi-Dehradun. 4265/4266 Varanasi-Dehradun. 3009/3010 Howrah-Dehradun. 2017/2018 Delhi-Dehradun.
Road Dehradun is connected to other parts of India with a wide network of road route.
Local Transport Services : Private Bus Services, tempo (vikram), auto rickshaw, tonga, cycle-rickshaw and taxi.
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Bander Punchh Glacier
Bander Punchh is an important glacier of Yamuna river basin . The glacier is 12 km long situated on the northern slopes of Bandarpunch peak (6316 m), Bandarpunch west (6102 m), and Khatling peak (6387 m). The glacier is formed by three cirque glacier and later join the Yamuna river. The glacier lies on a gentle slope and is bounded by lateral moraines, which indicate the last surface level of the glacier. The glacier can be approached from Dehradun to Sankri-Saur by bus and from Sankri-Saur to Taluka, 11 km by jeep or light vehicle, then Osla, 14 km from Osla Ruinsara Tal, located just below the glacier snout, is the best camping site. From Ruinsara one can visit the glacier and surrounding area.

Base Camp Taluka
Taluka to Bandarpunch 23 km.

Taluka to Seema / Osla 14 km,
Seema to Bandarpunch 15 km.

Taluka to Mussoorie 171 km,
Mussoorie to Dehradun 36 km.

By Road
Dehradun to Taluka 207 km.

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