Air : The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, 18 km from Rishikesh, on way to Dehradun. At present chartered planes operate.
Rail : The nearest railway station is Kathgodam (90 km). Connected by rail with Lucknow, Delhi and Howrah.
Road Connected by road with most places of U.P. Distance from Almora: Lucknow (466), Dehradun (412), Nanital (71), Delhi (382), Bareilly (205), Kathgodam (90), Pithoragarh (122), Haridwar (357), Haldwani (96).
Local Transport Private taxis are available.
Transport Agencies
Kumaon Motors Union Ltd. Tel.: 30035
U.P.S.R.T.C. Tel.: 30046.
Joshimath (Jyotir Tourist Complex) - 9568006667, Ph. No. : 01389-222226.
Joshimath(Narsingh Tourist Complex)- 9568006668, Ph. No. : 01389-222118.
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Doonagiri Glacier

Doonagiri Glacier is one of the important glacier of Dhauli Ganga system of glaciers, where more than 500 glaciers, of different shapes and sizes lie in the deep and narrow valleys. The important glaciers here are: Changbang, Girthi Hoti and Niti Glaciers, Doonagiri Glacier is 5.5 km long, extending between an elevation from it head 5150 m to the snout 4240 m, which is the terminal point of the glacier. A stream originating from the glacier merges into Dhauli Ganga near the Juma village. The glacier is approachable from Juma on the way to Joshimath-Malari road. 8 km from Juma lies the Doonagiri village. From Doonagiri village a 12 km long foot-trek runs along the Doonagiri stream to reach the glacier snout. Bagini is another glacier in this valley. Doonagiri is the last village in the valley. Near the vicinity of the glacier there is a good place for camping. The best time to visit the place is mid May to mid October.

Base Camp Juma Village
Juma to Doonagiri Glacier 20 km.

Juma to Doonagiri Village 8 km.

Doonagiri to Doonagiri Glacier 12 km.

By Road
Juma to Joshimath 43 km,
Joshimath to Srinagar 147 km,
Srinagar to Rishikesh 109 km,
Kedarnath to Chorbari Glacier 3 km.

Gaurikund to Rudraprayag 78 km,
Rudraprayag to Rishikesh 143 km.

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